We are a clan of cats who have the blood of the ancient clans in our blood. Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan, have been destroyed. Now it is your destiny to join Rainclan!
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 Lionstar the great.

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Lionstar the great. Empty
PostSubject: Lionstar the great.   Lionstar the great. EmptyMon Jun 09, 2014 6:03 pm

Name: Lionstar
Gender: She-cat (Female)
Eye color: Light Blue
Pelt color: brown Tabby, white toes, and underbelly. Has darker brown stripes, and a same color tail tip.
Parents: Mother - Mothstar the former leader of Rainclan
Father - October, a Lone Tom,
History: born from a Litter of Three, Lionstar was the only kit that survived the harsh Snow fall of Leaf Bare. Her sister was pure around and had a slightly lighter underbelly with green eyes, her name had been Squirrelkit, and her brother was a darker brown, slightly orange so he was an amber. He had dark stripes along his back and tail and he had black ears, his name was Bramblekit. Lionstar had to grow up on her own. Her mother left to make a Clan and her Father didn't want to be stuck with something he didn't want to claim as his own responsibility. Lionkit grew to Lionpaw and found her Mother and her Aunt, Wavestream, along with her Kits, Forestkit and Darkkit. There she grew into a fine young warrior named Lionheart. Before this, a few days after Lionpaw had joined the clan, Her mother died from a hunting accident, Lionpaw accidentally slipped into a Fox den trying to catch the Hare that had been mocking her, and crushed the fox's newborn pups to death. The Fox killed her mother, taking all of her Nine lives as it was a fatal wound that Mothstar didn't want her Sister, Wavestream the Medicine cat, to see and heal. She wanted to die honorably next to her daughter. After that, Lionstar was raised by Wavestream until she was a Warrior, then Deputy, which was early because she had no leader, she quickly had gotten her nine lives, and is still on her ninth to this very day.
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Lionstar the great.
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