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 Skypaw the hidden

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PostSubject: Skypaw the hidden   Skypaw the hidden EmptyFri Jun 13, 2014 11:32 pm

Name: Skykit
Gender: She-cat
Eye color: Light blue
Fur: short
Fur color: Full black
Mother:Star- Tough yet passionate beauty.
Father:Hero-Cruel cat who abandon his own mate and daughter.
Rank: Kit
Personality: Skykit is very observant, and has many intriguing thoughts. However, she has trouble speaking this vast knowledge, making most of her thoughts hidden.
History:The moon shined bright that night. Sky jumped up, unable to sleep. “Come on, come on, come on! I can’t wait! I get to hunt my first mouse today! Can’t we do it now?” Sky piped up. “Simmer down!” Star, Sky’s mother, Meowed. Hero, Sky’s father, left before she was born. “We’ve got to wait for the mice to wake up first.” However, Sky just couldn’t wait. She spotted a slight rustle in the bushes, and rushed to catch it. Star tried to retrieve her, but was stopped by a sudden sound behind her. She quickly turned around to see a gigantic hairy twoleg behind her. Before Star could yowl, “Run!”, the hairy twoleg, which had a tail, pounced on Star. She was dead that instant. Terrified, Sky turned and ran as fast as her legs could take her, the other direction. Then, Sky turned to see the hairy twoleg attack three cats who were in a tree, one falling into the river. Sky ran after the other two, now on the ground. When she finally caught up with the cats, only two remained, who were in a tree. Climbing the tree, Sky squeaked a “hi,” to the cats. They spun around. Quickly explaining what had just happened with her mother, the cats, their names being Forestclaw and Mintkit, told her to stay with them until their friend returned.
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Skypaw the hidden
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