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 Specklefoot the forgotten

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PostSubject: Specklefoot the forgotten   Specklefoot the forgotten EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 8:42 pm

Name: Specklefoot/Hach
Gender: Tom/Male
Mother: Ghost is a White she cat with black toes and Green eyes
Father: Hatch is a Rusty red tom with yellow and amber eyes
Smoke: Smoke is a smoky grey tom with An amber eye and a green eye
Pine: Pine is a Brown tom with white splotches and has green eyes.
Rank: Warrior
Eye color: Yellow/Amber/Green
Personality: He is really a tough cat but once you get to know him he warms up. A bit of a overprotective one as well
Fur: Specklefoot is A Grey Tom with Jet black splotched as well as white splotches all over him.
Fur type: he is a Short hair
History: when Hach was just a kit, his mother, Ghost had named him after his father. His father on the other hand was named Hatch, and was only determind to make Smoke and Pine grow up to be big and strong, as he hated Hach. "Hach would complain to much!" his father always said the Ghost when she wanted him to take Hach hunting with Smoke, Pine and Hatch himself. Ghost and Hatch fought one night, and it ended up with Hatch being Banished from the barn. Smoke and Pine refused to stay, but their mother scared them, and they stayed. They blaimed Hach for every catch they lost, why Their father had left, and why they had to stay with Ghost. One day Twolegs came into the barn, and Smoke and Pine were adopted. Ghost had to take Hach to a home, and she dropped him into the flowers. She saw a young Tabby kit, about Hach's age, be left their by her mother as well. Of course Ghost knew this Grey tabby cat who dropped her kit off. She was Moth, the Neighborhood Stray. They would always let their kits play together, butthey were older now and didn't remember each other. That is where Hach and Lion grew up together until she was 9 moons old, when she ran off to go find her mother. As for Ghost, she had died from Hatch coming back. They had both fought to the death.
Crush: maybe a little bit on Lionstarrrrr...
Kits: would like about 3 of them
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Specklefoot the forgotten
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