We are a clan of cats who have the blood of the ancient clans in our blood. Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan, have been destroyed. Now it is your destiny to join Rainclan!
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 Forestclaw the brave.

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Forestclaw the brave. Empty
PostSubject: Forestclaw the brave.   Forestclaw the brave. EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 9:04 pm

Name: Forestclaw
Gender: Tom (Male)
Mother: Wavestream was Rainclan's first medicine cat.
Father: Darkstripe was a Dark Forestcat who went to Starclan for saving Wavestream
Darkkit: Darkkit was Forestclaw's sister who drowned in a flood.
Rank: Warrior
Eye color: Green
Personality: Forestclaw wants to keep everyone safe, but he likes to have fun. No one really understands him.
Fur: Black and Grey stripes with white paws.
Fur type: Short Fur.
History: Forestkit thought everyone would hate him because of his father, but he soon found out that no one cared about who his father was, but who his father is. He and his sister, Darkkit, were best friends. But, one day, Darkkit soon drowned in a flood that hit Rainclan's camp. No one mourned more than Forestkit. As an apprentice, Forestpaw trained harder than any other apprentice would have, desperately trying to forget about his dead sister.
As a warrior, Forestclaw knew he was the only one, aside from Lionstar, who could protect his mother after Mothstar died. After his mother was killed, and Mintkit joined Rainclan, The 3 cats found Sky, then later Knight, Mintkit's brother, and they both joined Rainclan as Knightkit and Skykit. Then, Huch, A kittypet Tom, joined Rainclan as Specklefoot. They then continued through Sunset Meadows. After they found a camp, Shadowsoul, Forestclaw's mate, Died having his kits, Lostkit, Milkkit, And Duskkit. Lostkit died after his mother.
Crush: None.
Mate: Nope.
Kits: Lostkit (Starclan), Milkkit, Duskkit.

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Forestclaw the brave.
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