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 Roleplay school for Forestclaw, Knightpaw, Milkkit, Duskkit and Spypaw

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Roleplay school for Forestclaw, Knightpaw, Milkkit, Duskkit and Spypaw Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay school for Forestclaw, Knightpaw, Milkkit, Duskkit and Spypaw   Roleplay school for Forestclaw, Knightpaw, Milkkit, Duskkit and Spypaw EmptyTue Jul 15, 2014 10:05 pm

ATTENTION! Spypaw and Forestclaw's various characters are to test their Roleplaying skills with me. I shall be your teacher from now on till i give you your finall assessment. Don't worry, this wont affect your Cat in real Roleplay, this is just to test your Roleplaying skills! I will look for Length in the post, about seven sentences long or more, Grammar, please at least try to spell it correctly and if you forget a Letter that is okay. And also, detail. Describe what you are doing, how you are doing it, where you are, who you are talking to, what color pelt you have, wounds, markings, just everything in general. That is all. ALSO ONE MORE THING. If you have Multiple characters then you must pick only one. Not Newborn kits. Or Queens because who is with her kits? Maybe her mate if her kits ate fresh-kill, but otherwise you connot pick a queen.

The place we are Roleplaying is a flooded forest. You can only move in the tree tops unless you want to waste energy and swim your way around. Right now it is leaf bare and you have a clan to feed. What are you going to do?

Lionstar flattened her ears against her skull and swam through the water to another tree far away from the one she used to be in. Her green orbs upon her face darted around to catch every movement amongst the water. She was lucky that there were no predators around this territory because of the recent flooding. She had recently lost her kits, yes, but she needed to go for a swim, or a walk, whatever she planned on doing, she needed to get out of the camp full of already dead loved ones. She sunk her claws into the bark and hauled herself up. Her body weight almost pulling her down into the watery abyss she had just came out of with drenched matted fur. The Female made it to a thick branch ready to hold any weight, as long as it was something small. Her tail lashed as she furrowed her eyebrows, the sun shining on her jet black pelt making it heat up like a fire. She shook herself off, water driplets spraying everywhere. Her curvy figure reflecting on the muggy water. She crouched, wiggling her rump in the air, and darted forward, and leaped across the trees the another branch, and landed. The branch shook under her sudden weight and Lionstar gripped on for dear life and unti it stabilized, and continued to pad on. Her pink paw pads swollen, turning slowly into a bruise like purple and she began to lap furiously at them. The bright sky's reflection in the water made her squint and she sneezed, not being able to look at the sun that long anyways. She yawned, and lay her torso down on the branch, and let her limbs hang down off of her station, and the her tail hang loose as well as her limbs.
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Roleplay school for Forestclaw, Knightpaw, Milkkit, Duskkit and Spypaw
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