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 Knightpaw the Persistent

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PostSubject: Knightpaw the Persistent   Knightpaw the Persistent EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 9:32 pm

Name: Knightpaw
Gender: Tom (Male)
Eye Color: Amber
Pelt Color: Mainly orange, with white legs and white underbelly.
Parents: Mother- Tangerine, Overprotective kittypet.
Father:Dusk, Young tom with a dark pelt and amber eyes.
History: Knight and his brother, Snookie, And his sister, Mint, All loved to play wrestle. their father seemed to pay a lot of attention to them, but more to Mint, who always got into trouble. But one day, Dusk, His father, stole him and Snookie away. They stayed with a friend of his, who lost her kits. She was like a substitute mother. They both really missed Mint, though. One day, Dusk's friend said she didn't need him anymore. She thanked him, but said he should go back to his mate. That day, Knight saw his Mother was talking to Mint, And some strange cats. "I'm Mintkit now," Mint had said. The family minus 1 listed to the conversation, and Dusk jumped in when Tangerine, Knight's mother, was about to attack Mintkit's friends. The 3 cats convinced Tangerine to let Mintkit go with Rainclan. After awhile, after Mintkit left, Snookie and Knight when to go adventure outside of twolegplace. But, while they when sniffing around, a fox came from no where, ant killed Snookie, Snapping his spine in 2. Knight yowled with fear, seeing his brother's body fall to the ground. Knight ran as fast as he could, and found Mintkit, looking around. After she blinded the fox, sending it running, Knight told her about Snookie. She took him back to Rainclan, And that's where he joined them, getting his Kit name, Knightkit. He now stays with his new friends and his sister, promising to do whatever it takes to protect them, unlike what he could do for his brother, Snookie.
Mate: Hmmmm... NO!
Kits: What in the name of Starclan do you think i am?!

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PostSubject: Re: Knightpaw the Persistent   Knightpaw the Persistent EmptyTue Jul 08, 2014 9:36 pm

Hey Knightkit! Can you please shrink your image a little smaller so it doesn't take up space in Rp, thank you for your cooperation!
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Knightpaw the Persistent
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